For Meeting Planners
Meeting Planners Guide To a Successful Event

Eight months in advance

  • Establish the meeting theme and objectives.
  • Establish a budget.
  • Establish your audience: size of group, number of facilitators and speakers.
  • Select the meeting date.
  • Contact convention centers, conference centers, hotels, tourist and visitor bureaus in the area; select meeting venue.


Six months in advance

  • Finalize the length and the agenda of the meeting.
  • Decide on speakers/trainers that will address the topics and objectives of meeting; contact speakers bureau to check on availability and fees; book speakers.
  • Make facility arrangements, including catering and specific meeting rooms you’ll need. Have all decisions finalized in a contract with the venue.
  • Block hotel rooms for out-of-town attendees.
  • If you plan to have a vendor area, decide which vendors you wish to make available to your participants, and send invitations to participate.
  • If you plan to offer entertainment, select and book.
  • Create and send invitations/programs to attendee list including the date, place and objectives of meeting, and organize the “RSVP” system.


Three months in advance

  • Decide what materials need to be included in registration packet; organize materials to be printed.
  • Arrange meet and greet for airport arrivals, ground transportation arrangements, etc.
  • Plan meeting room setups and notify site of any additional requirements.
  • Order necessary directional or welcome signs, conference banners, and room signs.
  • Order necessary directional or welcome signs, conference banners, and room signs.
  • Make all arrangements for shipping materials.
  • Arrange for any on-site communication needs such as internet provider, telephone accessibility, office services, cell phone accommodations, etc.
  • Decide on the use of giveaways. Order and confirm delivery date.
  • Send follow-up to original invitation to invitees who have not responded.


Four to six weeks in advance

  • Reconfirm with all external vendors.
  • Copy all materials that will be distributed.
  • Send attendees information regarding meeting attire, agenda, hotel and travel arrangements, pertinent telephone numbers and contact information.


Two weeks in advance

  • Prepare registration materials and name tags.
  • Ship all required materials in numbered boxes to meeting site. Notify venue about shipment and expected arrival date, and ask for confirmation of arrival.


One week in advance

  • Check weather for possible delays and develop a plan, if necessary.
  • Coordinate delivery of special guest room gifts.
  • Coordinate final logistics with security and parking staff.
  • Confirm room list and check in procedure with registration desk, along with rooms for VIPs and attendees with special needs.
  • Arrange for use of site marquee boards if available with venue manager.
  • Confirm billing procedures.
  • Check inventory of shipped materials.
  • Meet with your staff about on-site coordination and assign responsibilities.


Follow up

  • File all prices, vendors, and “lessons learned” for future meeting planning.


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